Syl Darcy AKA Sylvia Marks

I have painted all of my life in 2006 I opened a real life art gallery and studio in Rockledge, Florida. I feel very blessed to say I am host to 16 of the the most unique artist in my community. I paint live on the internet and that is what brought me into Second Life. I was painting live one day and one of my viewers from Belguim said to me have you been to Second Life:) I was like huh? what is Second Life?? He told me that he thought my art would be great there. I joined to market my art and did not relize I would meet so many wonderful people from all over the world.  I love sharing my art with so many wonderful friends I have made here in sl .

Now 5 years later I as I open my first Fashion Design Gallery I have to say that I am loving every minute of my Secondlife Career !!  Creation thats what its all about !!


“Art is my passion, and it is also my voice. The images I create may tell a story, reflect a mood, or just simply come to be, but my work is always motivated by my own experiences, feelings, and the world around me. Although I refer to my painting style as realism, I strive to paint using direct strokes of the brush, incorporating refined color tones, implied brush strokes, and subtle textures.

I am fascinated with the effects of light and shadow. Many of my paintings incorporate strong contrasts, shadow effects, or mystical effects captured by applying thin layers of color, one over the other. I enjoy listening to people as they view my work. Most comment on the soft color tones, and the quiet feeling of peace created in my images. Although I sometimes work in oil, my medium of choice is definately acrylic.

I still enjoy accepting commissions, as there is always a wonderfully interesting story behind each portrait or painting. It’s very rewarding when my work is given as a gift, and is well received by the recipient. Creating a peice that touches someone and makes them happy is what makes my work as an artist so rewarding.

Art is not merely a project, craft or trade. It is an understanding of all that we take in and how we perceive it. It is about the soul. All of us have different perceptions, but we are connected by the universal ability to view something and take it into our soul, to make it our own. Therefore, “seeing” is only a tool by which we each perceive out reality. Art is a language we can all speak and it knows not the bounds or restrictions of our lives. Art is uncontrolled and breathing. Separate from us, yet it has the ability to become a part of us forever. As an artist, I am an interpreter. This is my goal, to understand, perceive, and touch your soul. I capture the moments in time we cherish and give them back to you in dreams on canvas”

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