iCandy Overland Live @ 4pm

Live @ 4pm JaZz ArTz Club iCandy is a professional musician, Candy lives and breathes music…. there just simply is no other way. Candy has been singing throughout her life and has performed both as a solo artist as well as lead singer in a band.
Candy performs many genres. She likes to challenge herself singing styles from jazz, r&b, pop, folk, country, standards, indie, and alternative. Join us for an inspirational experience as our lovely, talented iCandy Overland performs her unique renditions of well loved favorites. Her beautiful voice will be just the therapy we need after a long day !! If you have not heard iCandy yet then your missing out !!! http://maps.secondlife.com/

Photo is a gown I made inspired by iCandy she’s such a beautiful person 🙂

Strum Diesel Guitar Dress *Lucky*

I love music have been working in the music industry in secondlife for 5 years … I have always been amazed by the amazingly talented singer/songwriters on secondlife… I have recently began creating  fashion designs inspired by the musicians… this dress pattern was created from a photo of the arm of a guitar and is inspired by one of my favorite rocking guitar player and incredible songwriter on the grid  Strum Diesel.. at my main store —–> Imagehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ralle/227/181/68